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It has been a strange journey getting here - the last thing I ever thought I would be writing about were sociopaths, psychopaths, and sexopaths, and yet here I am. What started as a nightmare of betrayal and financial ruin opened my eyes to a very simple truth: Not everyone thinks like you do - and to assume otherwise is dangerous.

Sociopaths, psychopaths, and sexopaths [in order to be less wordy, I will use "sociopath" to mean sociopath and psychopath. I will use "sexopath" when discussing a sociopath or psychopath with a sex addiction] are not like the rest of us. Their brains are not wired to experience empathy or have a conscience. This makes them fundamentally different - even though they look like us. Their emotions are shallow, and they are missing the nagging conscience that urges the rest of us to follow society's rules. They control our country, our companies, and our churches - all while they see the world as a game and the rest of us as pawns to be manipulated for their personal benefit. Unfortunately, the empathetic majority is completely ignorant that there even is a game - and that we are losing.

It is estimated at least 1 in 25 people fall on The Sociopath Spectrum. That means that most of us interact with one every day and don't even know it! They are extremely difficult to recognize because they look like everyone else. You won't be able to recognize them at first sight, as it requires multiple encounters with careful observations to detect these amoral game players. I have developed a Sexopath Spotting Tool that is free for anyone who is interested. Recognition is the first step to taking our power back.

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