A Sociopath Is Born - NashvilleKitty Is One in Twenty-Five

Not to sugar coat anything, but my first book, 69 Shades of Nashville: Sociopathic Sex Southern Style began as a revenge novel. The real NashvilleKitty betrayed me, and I started writing as a form of therapy to figure out how I could have been so gullible as to be duped by a sociopath/sexopath. The more I wrote, the more I realized I needed to warn others so if they encountered someone like the nurse, they needed to be exceedingly wary. As I wrote down her stories through the voice of NashvilleKitty, fictionalizing as necessary for legal reasons, I began to notice a pattern in her sexopathic demeanor and lack of meaningful connections with others. What started as a nightmare, resulted in the perfect character study for the ultimate anti-hero - and NashvilleKitty was born. She is someone everyone is going to love to hate.

Although I learned in medical school about Anti-Sociopath Personality Disorder (ASPD) - often used interchangeably with psychopathy and sociopathy (although there is great debate about the semantics) - I had always imagined the classic, violent psychopath with lettered tattoos on his fingers, a history of arson, abuse of children and animals, and often serving a prison sentence. The (mostly) non-violent sociopaths had not been stressed in school despite there being at least 1 in 25 people falling on The Sociopath Spectrum. The mental and behavioral patterns the real NashvilleKitty had demonstrated, however, fit this category with a dose of sex addiction attached. She was a sociopathic sex addict or sexopath with many of the following characteristics found in The Sexopath Spotting Tool.

The real and fictional NashvilleKitty are both sociopathic sex addicts or sexopaths. The novel sought to take readers inside her mind to show her convoluted thought processes. Although modified into a fictional format with all identifying information changed, my ex-friend supplied enough stories of her many sexual conquests to paint the picture of the sexopathic psyche in a very entertaining manner. By channeling her voice, the reader is able to enter the mind of a sexopath. This is truly how she thinks.

When giving lectures, I often find that too many facts and not enough story put people to sleep. As over 65% of people are visual learners, I added over 300 drawings to the novel that reveal the hidden reality obscured by the first-person sexopathic narrative. For auditory learners, I found a local Nashville actor with the perfect Southern sweet voice that sounds incredibly innocent as she reads the manipulative NashvilleKitty words - even NashvilleKitty's voice is meant to deceive like the sexopath she is. Some people listen to the audio book while following along with the illustrated print version of the novel for the craziest read-along ever. I wanted to create something completely outside-the-box, something that does not fit within any one genre: psychological thriller, erotica, mystery, fictional memoir, dark comedy, education, graphic novel. I wanted to educate in an entertaining format, to teach without the reader feeling taught. Education does not have to be boring. So many people have said the novel is unlike anything they have ever read before. It is a completely new literary genre: Education plus entertainment or Edutainment.

The more I wrote, the better I felt. What started as therapy turned into a mission to educate the public about a type of person who sees us as pawns to manipulate for personal gain. As I drafted the last few scenes and passages to my novel, multiple horrific stories appeared on the news. They shared two things in common with the book: the sex and the sociopath. Significantly, the major difference is that all these stories seemed to feature men as the perpetrators. Women can be sexopaths too - and just as dangerous.

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