You Know a Sociopath, Psychopath, or Sexopath

Physician Reveals How to Use The Sexopath Spotting Tool to Keep Yourself Safe

With at least 1 in 25 people falling on The Sociopath Spectrum, most of us interact with one every day and don’t even know it! Their minds are wired differently, with no conscience or empathy, guilt, fear, or worry. Sexopaths or sociopathic sex addicts see the world as a game, and we are their pawns to manipulate for their personal gain. Using deceptive charm and lies, they control our country, our companies, and our churches.


With the birth of the #MeToo movement, people in positions of power are exposed for sexual misconduct daily. Most are men, but women can be sexopaths too. People often blame power, chauvinism, and gender inequality for the high-profile sexual misdeeds in the news. While all of these factors might play a role, few people understand the medical condition that explains this phenomenon— the sociopathic sex addict or sexopath.

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Nicole Kelly, M.D. is a board-certified physician specializing in hospice geriatrics in Nashville, TN who was victimized by a sociopathic sex addict who embezzled over $700,000 from her medical practice. Using her ability to explain complicated medical concepts, Dr. Kelly makes clear one of the most important truths of our time: Not everyone thinks like you do—and to assume otherwise is dangerous.



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  • Why Women Break the Sisterhood Code and Steal Men for the Fun of It

  • Is Your Spouse a Liar? How to Find Out If You Are Living With a Sociopath or a Sexopath

  • The Medical Condition Behind #MeToo Predators

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  • How Many Sexopaths Have Been in the White House?

  • Could You Be Attracting Predators By the Way You Walk?

  • Tips for Handling a Toxic Boss

  • How to Protect Your Wallet from Swindlers

  • Why the Elderly are Often Sociopathic Targets

  • Why Do Sexopaths Have a Hypnotic Quality?

  • Sexopathic Behavior - It Can Be Permanent or Temporary

  • What to Do If Your Child Is the Bully

  • Why There are Bullies and Always Will Be

  • Can Parents' Love Prevent Sociopath Development?

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