A Sociopath Is Born - NashvilleKitty Is One in Twenty-Five

Not to sugar coat anything, but my first book, 69 Shades of Nashville: Sociopathic Sex Southern Style began as a revenge novel. The real NashvilleKitty betrayed me, and I started writing as a form of therapy to figure out how I could have been so gullible as to be duped by a sociopath/sexopath. The more I wrote, the more I realized I needed to warn others so if they encountered someone like the nurse, they needed to be exceedingly wary. As I wrote down her stories through the

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It has been a strange journey getting here - the last thing I ever thought I would be writing about were sociopaths, psychopaths, and sexopaths, and yet here I am. What started as a nightmare of betrayal and financial ruin opened my eyes to a very simple truth: Not everyone thinks like you do - and to assume otherwise is dangerous. Sociopaths, psychopaths, and sexopaths [in order to be less wordy, I will use "sociopath" to mean sociopath and psychopath. I will use "sexopath"