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Nicole Kelly, M.D. is the nom de plume of an established Nashville physician who had first hand experience dealing with the manipulations of a sociopath who stole a vast sum of money from her medical practice. NashvilleKitty, the anti-hero narrator of 69 Shades of Nashville: Sociopathic Sex Southern Style was inspired by a true sociopathic sex addict or sexopath who knows no bounds in causing havoc in neurotypicals' lives. The names, details, locations, and all identifying information have been changed resulting in a fictional work - but this fiction was inspired by reality. Nicole Kelly, M.D. began this writing adventure as a form of therapy when legal proceedings costs exceeded expected returns as the real NashvilleKitty had already spent the hundreds of thousands of dollars she stole. Therapy turned into a mission to educate the public about the sociopath - but to do so in an entertaining format so people can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time. Drawings were added to appeal to the large portion of the population who are more visual and to give the neurotypical insight of sociopathy that the unreliable narrator, NashvilleKitty, is unable to give. This novel is like no other out there: well-written, suspenseful erotica with humorous drawings (more R-rated than X) with a surprise ending. It is entertaining, exciting - in more ways than one - while educating the world about a type of person unlike the rest of us. The reader goes inside the mind of a sociopath. This is truly how she thinks. People like this are running our country, companies, and churches. In order to protect ourselves, first we must learn to recognize them. Delve deeper into the nature of the sociopathic mind next door in Nicole Kelly, M.D.'s non-fiction work on this fascinating subject now available on Amazon: Charming Cheaters: Protect Yourself from the Sociopaths, Psychopaths, and Sexopaths in Your Life.